What I’m Eating Now At :: Milk

What I’m Eating Now At :: Milk

There are some places I go to over and over and over and over. Sometimes because I get addicted to one thing that I must eat continuously for fear that the place will retire it from their menu before I’ve burned out on it (true story); or sometimes I go back because there are just too many dang choices. So What I’m Eating Now At posts will be brief (this one excepted since I want to take time to explain what I’m doing) and visual. Once my photography improves, I hope to promote drooling.

First up, the Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwich at Milk. Now that it’s trendier, more popular than it was years ago (back when they still baked chocolate hazelnut Madelines, the most wonderfulest cookie ever to puff up in an oven – perhaps I sound bitter? – refer to the true story reference in the preceding paragraph), it’s kind of a pain to get in and out.

The line, the wait, however – worth every punchy, creamy, chewy bite.


PS – If these pics didn’t get you salivating, perhaps it was because I was using my iPhone 4s camera.




7290 Beverly Blvd. in LA