Tasty Places :: The Attic

Tasty Places :: The Attic

Tomorrow is my next half marathon – Surf City, which a year ago was my very first half marathon. So you’d think I’d be unfazed; to lack anxiety since this will be my fourth such race. But I’m off my game. Unlike my previous big runs, I didn’t train for tomorrow. Not that I didn’t want to. In fact, this race really wasn’t truly a BIG run but a training run for the upcoming LA Marathon, 26.2 miles from Dodger stadium to the Santa Monica Pier. However, over the holidays, my knee checked out on me. It was painful on several occasions but one morning, during what was supposed to be a 10-mile run, it just shut down after mile 4, and I had two slowly limp two miles home. The doctor agreed that it’s likely my IT band causing the problems, irritated due to my weak knee muscles and my wide women hips.

Between short runs and lunchtime walks up Signal Hill, I’ve only done 22 miles this year, a total I should be completing per week (and then some) at this point in my full marathon training. So at Surf City, I just plan to go for it. I’ve rested, done a bit of strengthening, and I’ve stretched. I won’t be breaking any personal records but I hope to slow jog the 13.1 miles without incident.

The Attic :: Long Beach :: dianderthal :: surf city marathon
Even taking it slow, a girl’s gotta eat! So after picking up our race packets, William the Work Son (aka my Race Ace) and I swerved back down to Long Beach to get our carb on. We debated Italian for pasta, Thai for noodles, but came across Attic’s day-long breakfast, and their Hot Cheetos mac & cheese. I’m not a fan of Hot Cheetos. Before today, I can’t recall ever trying one. But I didn’t chicken out of digging in, splitting a bowl as an appetizer. I’m sure I got more than my fair share of carbs with the five or six spoonfuls I sucked down, along with a year’s worth of fat and processed chemicals. I admit, however, that I did enjoy those crispy spicy bits of badness mingled in with the velvety cheese.

The Attic :: Long Beach :: dianderthal hot cheetos mac cheeseThe Attic :: Long Beach :: dianderthal hot cheetos mac cheese

Still full from breakfast (my stomach hasn’t stretched back out to pre-fast size – I’m sure it’ll be back after the Super Bowl), I was only able partially able to tackle my carbalicious entree of fries and a crab cake sandwich (what The Attic calls a Crabby Patty). I did sample what will be my next entree on my return – a bite of William’s Nutella waffle, part of his waffle sampler that also included a bananas fosters waffle, a bacon waffle, and a blueberry. The Nutella packed a pretty darn great, a wondrous griddle fare sweetened with the rich Nutella sauce and fluffy cream. Delightful is the best way to describe it.

The Attic :: Long Beach :: dianderthal The Attic :: Long Beach :: dianderthal The Attic :: Long Beach :: dianderthal

The Attic :: Long Beach :: dianderthal The Attic :: Long Beach :: dianderthal

Perhaps the Attic will be my destination next weekend at some point, especially if my knee holds up fine tomorrow and my full marathon training kicks in again (in which case I’ll need to put in 16 miles next Saturday). Glad the Attic is here as my local go-to power thru.

The Attic
3441 East Broadway in Long Beach

Returned to The Attic on Valentine’s Day for an elegant lobster bisque, shrimp po boy, turkey meatloaf, a mint julep, and chocolate molten lava cake. All delightful.

dianderthal The Attic Long Beach2 dianderthal The Attic Long Beach3 dianderthal The Attic Long Beach1dianderthal The Attic Long Beach5 dianderthal The Attic Long Beach6dianderthal The Attic Long Beach4

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