LWD Awards 2012

Restaurant of the Year
Tie: Havana Mania & Ortega 120

Outing of the Year
The Misfit Bar

Plates of the Year
The Spicy Bird – Umamicatessan
Stuffed Trout – Ortega 120
Petite Filet Mignon – The Stinking Rose
Short Ribs – Ortega 120
Mac & Cheese Balls – Slater’s 50-50
Croissant – The Misfit Bar
Filete de Pescado Encebollado – Havana Mania

Dessert of the Year
Warm Butter Cake – Nick’s on 2nd

Drinks of the Year
Mimosas – The Misfit Bar
Mojitos (various) – Havana Mania

Platinum (Lifetime) Perfect Attendance
Papa, ThickLeg

Gold (2013) Perfect Attendance

The Otto Mo Bill Best Driver Award

Sharing is Caring Award – Fungus

Missing in Action Award – Nicotine

Knows How to Pick ‘Em Award – Kitten

It’s Bloody Rare! Award – Burp-a-Lot

Full Belly Award – YOLO

Sloppy Seconds Award – Wilkutabitch

Nothing with a Face Award – Lady

Most pHOtogenic Award – ThickLeg

Speedy Slurper Award – Papa

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