LWD :: Ladies Who Dine

Ladies Who Dine is a (not so) secret (anymore) restaurant club launched in February 2011 by seven “Ladies” who love to eat. Each month, members rotate in selecting a location for dinner and drinks. Our aim is to step out of our food comfort zones, sample the wealth of Southern California cuisine available to us, and make each other laugh until we pee. I’d have to say, we do a pretty good job with each of these goals every month. In 2013, we upped our membership to nine since, typically, not all members are able to make it on our regular night.

The Ladies

Lady ThickLeg
Lady ThickLeg

Past Selections: Sandy’s Beach Grill, The Stinking Rose, Duke’s Huntington Beach
Just the Facts: No meal is complete without a cocktail, Adventurous
Board Position: Vice-President

Lady Wilkutabitch
Lady Wilkutabitch

Past Selections: Delius, Sol Cocina, 320 Main, Michael’s Pizzeria
Just the Facts: She WILL cut a bitch
Position: Sergeant-at-Arms


Past Selections: Vince’s Spaghetti, Cha Cha Cha, Ortega 120, Colori Kitchen
Just the Facts: Ate for two in 2012 (wussup C.A.?), Loves Cajun pasta without the Cajun spices

Lady Papa(razzi)

Past Selections: El Cholo, Simmzy’s, Fishbar
Just the Facts: Self-elected LWD President, Picky, Double beans/No rice
Position: Self-Elected President and Master Texter

Lady Kitten

Past Selections: Loteria Grill, Cafe La Boheme, The Misfit Bar (brunch), Bottega Louie
Just the Facts: Not allowed to “Talk Port” or whine, Dark beer
Position: Port Authority and Unconstructive Criticizer

Lady Lady

Past Selections: Koi
Just the Facts: Resident vegetarian, Our newest member, Kind of British

Lady Nicotine

Past Selections: Nickel Diner, Fronk’s, Slater’s 50-50
Just the Facts: No longer hooked on nicotine but the name stays, Ms. Greasy Spoon pageant runner-up, Spires lover

Lady Burp-A-Lot

Past Selections: Golden State, Havana Mania, Nick’s on 2nd, Mo-Chica
Just the Facts: From Veracruz, Hates when gringos open Mexican restaurants and Lady Papa likes the food

Lady Fungus

Past Selections: Umamicatessen, Tavern on 2
Just the Facts: Sit next to her because she never finishes her drink, Must have dessert

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