Loteria Grill – Lady YOLO’s Review


I, Lady YOLO, will not be dining at the Loteria anytime in the near future. I almost died when Mario gave me a bite of his tortilla con shredded Carnitas – It was definitely not a good idea for the “non-spicy” eater. The rice was not that special and a bit salty :/ I hate to be Debbie Downer/Negative Nancy but hey, I know there are people out there that are just like me — So this is for all of you!

As for my meal — I ordered the Chicken Taquitos. I anticipated the first bite being the greatest taquito I’d ever tasted but unfortunately, it wasn’t. I thought to myself, “Okay the chicken had to have been put in a blender – this is weird…” Only because it was so mushy! Turns out that I was given Potato Taquitos and my order was all wrong. Every time I took a bite of the Taquitos they would fall apart in my hand and mouth. I do have braces, but it took so much effort on my part to eat the taquitos. I was bummed. They looked so good on the plate – I guess it just wasn’t my day.

On a side note: the Dessert Cake Flan contraption was very good. The lil sliced strawberry was probably the best thing I had eaten all night.

The End.

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