Loteria Grill – Lady Thick Leg’s Review

Chupacabra cerveza
Chupacabra cerveza

Having been anxiously awaiting my dinner at Loteria, I am very pleased to say that this unpretentious, quiet, Mexican restaurant did not disappoint. The atmosphere was lovely. I was immediately impressed by their hospitality and free matches. The appetizers were simple yet tasty. It was my first time eating fried cheese but it won’t be my last. I ordered their tasty (yet pricey) margarita made from a fruit that grows on a tree (or is it a root?) called a tomatillo (I am probably getting this wrong, sorry Mexico). My initial taste of this brown margarita left me unsure if I liked it or not. However, by my third sip, I was a fan. For my entree I chose the enchiladas Pipian. Hands down the best enchiladas I have ever tasted. My mouth is watering as I type this just thinking about that sweet taste of pumpkin seed combined with that hint of peanut sauce. Dios mio! So good. The rice was soft and just the perfect accompaniment to the enchiladas. Feeling like this restaurant could do no wrong, I ordered my second drink of the evening… Chupacabra Ale. For those who know me well, you need not be reminded of my long love affair with Chupacabra. I have followed the legend of the Chupacabra for many years and just love saying the word “Chupacabra”. Sadly, this love was put to the test at Loteria. After just one gulp of my Chupacabra Ale, I realized that maybe it is time to end it with Chupacabra. The taste of Chupacabra made me want to yak. Fortunately, there was someone else at my table (Lady Nicotine) who gladly took the Ale from me and enjoyed it. Lady Nicotine and Chupacabra… I wish you two the best.

For dessert our group shared a slice of Flan cake. It was the perfect sweet treat to perk me up from my breakup with Chupacabra. To finish off the evening, our group ventured far into WeHo to get churros. Churros Calientes was alright. I can’t say that I am a big churros fan to begin with, so I wasn’t really that impressed with this place. Overall, I must say that Ladies who Eat is off to a great start. I am already excited about our next food adventure. See you next month!

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