Eat Dreams

Eat Dreams

I’ve lost count of which day we’re on, but there are only five days left on the fast I’m completing with my church – a 21-day Daniel fast that we do corporately at the start of each year, allowing opportunity for re-focusing, for clarity, for openness. This time has allowed me to grow closer to Him while dwelling on my various life purposes, my priorities and how I spend my time.

I must admit that refraining from coffee, from cheese, from turkey bacon, wine, and Diet Pepsi has had the effect of frequently sending my daydreams to food, visions of chili-cheese fries dancing in my head. With all this reflecting, I’ve concluded that dining is a real and significant priority for me. As Dianderthal, a certain thrill in my life is chronicling the indulging in and sharing of great meals with friends, with family, with self.

So while I’m staying away from restaurants until the fast ends, there’s nothing preventing me from online menus, blog articles, and Instagram posts in preparation for post-fast meals. Here are a few spots that I’m anxious to get to in 2015.

Eggslut – I was already too full to feast at downtown LA’s Grand Central Market when I first visited months ago (our mess of an outing we called Eating LA; perhaps we’ll give this endeavor a second try in 2015); next time I’m in the area, I will sit myself up upon a stool at the market’s breakfast/lunch diner, Eggslut, and order the Fairfax, a brioche bun stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese, caramel iced onions, chives, and sriracha. 317 S. Broadway in Los Angeles, 90013.

Panxa Cocina – This year, I’m all about my hometown. I want to gloat about the savoriness that is Long Beach and our blooming restaurant scene. Panxa is just a baby of a place, opening late last year, but early reviews sound promising (as does their selection of tequilas). I’m itching to give a try to their seafood enchiladas and potato-cheddar pancakes. 3997 E. Broadway in the LBC, 90803.

Night + Market – Okay, so I said I’m all about Long Beach this year. But I’m also all about Asian flavors for 2015 as well. Last year, I learned that my tastebuds have a love jones for Thai cuisine. But I’m a Basic B with it – all Pad Thai and chicken wings. I need to be more adventurous with my Thai; more ambitious. And Night + Song Market is the place to do it. I’m not sure what I’ll order when I finally get there, but it surely won’t be Pad Thai and chicken wings. Correction – it won’t be just Pad Thai and chicken wings. 3322 W. Sunset in Silver Lake, 90026.

Son of a Gun – Many rave about Animal, the delicious and delectable (so I’ve heard) Mecca for carnivores, owned by the badass pair of Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. As someone who floats between pescatarianism and semi-vegetarianism, the duos seafood-focused Son of a Gun seems more to my tasting. I’m excited about their lobster rolls and their chicken fried sandwich. And who knows – maybe after they’ll convert me to a full-fledged, card-carrying meat-a-saurus, ready to take on Animal, the local barbecue spot, and the meatiest of Brazilian steakhouses. 8370 W. Third Street in Los Angeles, 90048.

Little Jewel of New Orleans – I can’t say I’ve tried to many of them but a great po’ boy sandwich has eluded me for all of my 42 years. There’s such potential in a po’ boy – fried seafood, fresh veggies, a fatty spread, a warm, toothsome roll; but I’ve not had one yet that has satisfied in a major way, not even with my recent trip to N’Awlins (full disclosure – my NO sandwich was from a touristy kind of spot – expectations weren’t high to start). I’m hoping Little Jewel will change my mind about the po’ boy; give confidence that the possibility this dish being as phenomenal as folks make it sound isn’t just a bayou legend. 207 Ord Street in Los Angeles, 90012.

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