Quick Bites :: California Fish Grill

Quick Bites :: California Fish Grill

I’ve been awaiting the opening of California Fish Grill for weeks, watching the progress from outside its window when I visit Habit Grill or Starbucks on Lakewood by the Long Beach Airport. Today, I was so craving it that I called around 9:00 to ask when they were going to open (the website only answered me vaguely with December 2015). No one answered, which I took to mean their doors might be closed until quite late in the month.

So the Work Wife and I settled on Habit Grill (it’s our current “go to” spot, as were Chipotle and Pick Up Stix and Togos at some point), needing to park quite a distance away with our near noon arrival. So we had to pass California Fish Grill, which appeared to be bustling – still the sign on the door boldly stated they would not be open until the following week; that they were training. Just as I was going to scoff at the lucky souls picked to sample their food on training day, I was asked to be one of those lucky souls.


That’s right – lunch on them, the smartly dressed man said when he approached. So my Fish Grill dreams came true, just like that. A pair of succulent, richly dressed and flavorful fish tacos served with saucy beans and zesty rice. They were ready, indeed.


So if you persevere, if you believe and hope and eat a lot and stalk restaurants like I do, you’re bound to be offered at least one free lunch in your life.

California Fish Grill Now Open!
3801 Lakewood Blvd. in Long Beach
and other locations

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