Grown Up Home School :: Progress Report

Grown Up Home School :: Progress Report

I began the term full of hope, energy, gusto, ready to work my way to an A+ in the two summer school courses developed for me, by me. My attitude was similar to most when starting something new – I was fully engaged, perhaps even obsessive, ready to take off and push my brain to new heights.

And then I got complacent. I could blame running (training for my next half marathon is in go mode). I might say it was my family, our summer adventures. I could blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol (baby). But these excuses aren’t new. All these variables were there before the start of my courses and they aren’t going anywhere. Hence, the only thing to hold blame is me.

While I’m the instructor and could go easy on myself, I won’t. What I will do is keep going, keep pushing, even if it’s just to earn a C- rather than an F.

Maybe I can still pull a B in my “Build a Better Brown Dinner” course. Although I was late on my “fish week” assignment, I’ve been pretty good otherwise, cranking out three new dishes and a cocktail so far. Only two more weeks remain, including my grand finale meal just before I head away for vacation. Maybe if it’s good enough, I’ll earn a few extra credit points. Don’t want to have to re-take my own class.

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Build a Better Brown Dinner Dishes:

Apple-Berry Shrub Cocktail (recipe from class at Sur La Table)

Roasted Chicken, Two Ways

Hot Cheesy Corn Dip

Toasted Sesame Ginger Salmon

DSC_0939 DSC_0959DSC_0456DSC_0490DSC_0483DSC_0473

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