Grown Up Home School :: Summer Edition

Grown Up Home School :: Summer Edition

What are you doing this summer?


Besides a couple of trips to Vegas, one up north to visit my parents, and a short vacation in the Midwest just before Labor Day, my big plans are to go back to school. I’m good at school. Counting Kindergarten, I’ve spent more than half my life in school. Plus, I’ve been an instructor at a city college for 15 years, and spent years of my public health career as a health educator. And still, I can’t get enough edumacation. There’s nothing like building new skills, learning details about topics you may have not known much about before. It’s wonderful to stretch your brain, challenge yourself, move your brain off its comfy couch.

So I’m starting something called Grown Up Home School. It will it be free, it will it be fun, and it will be an experiment. Not to take away from all those fancy institutions that I borrowed thousands of money to attend and learn from, but with all the tools and technology available today, and all the smart and wonderful people willing to share their wisdom and talents, I figured that I could put together a course or two for myself to keep me engaged this summer.

Grown Up Home School (the Summer Edition) will begin on Monday, June 30th. For any of you who’d like to join me as a peer, I’ll be posting information and templates next week on how you can develop your own class for the summer, along with ideas for course topics. My two summer classes will be “Build a Better Brown Dinner” and “Managing & Marketing Your Blog,” which will follow curricula that include objectives, schedules, reading, assignments, and perhaps even a test. And grading too – I’ll need a way to assess my commitment to these classes and if I worked hard to achieve optimal outcomes. Whether you develop your own course or just keep up with how I’m doing over the summer, I hope you’ll follow along and share your ideas, your input, and your support. More soon. Keep learning (and eating).

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