Ladies Who Dine Flashback :: Simmzy’s

Ladies Who Dine Flashback :: Simmzy’s

Simmzy’s was my pick a couple of years ago. I wanted to make up for my first LWD pick, a well-established and known LA spot that underwhelmed the taste buds and sickened at least one member of our party (perhaps more – she was the one brave enough to tell me). I also wanted to keep it local, so Belmont Shore became the destination; and Simmzy’s, the place.


Simmzy’s was relatively new at the time, taking over the corner location where the beloved (by some, like my husband) Shore House Cafe once plated up comfort food into the teeny hours of night. Now, walls have been replaced by ginormous sliding windows; long, communal tables & benches taking over for vinyl booths; brick in favor of wood. The menu slid to contemporary as well, with pizzas, burgers, and a rotating selection of craft beers. It’s just the kind of place Long Beach needed.

I have to tell you that Simmzy’s changed my life.

It was at Simmzy’s that I first tried one of my now favorite foods: Brussels sprouts.


I’ve since tried plenty of other Brussels sprouts dishes (including my very own roasted balsamic Brussels sprouts that I’ve served the last couple of Thanksgivings), but Simmzy’s remains the bar for which I compare all others.


These days, Simmzy’s is a standard lunch spot for me and my fro-workers. We’d probably do Happy Hour too if it weren’t so difficult to park around 2nd Street. My favorites remain their Spicy Que pizza, the fish tacos, and their Mixed Bag – both sweet potato and shoestring fries served with garlic aioli and avocado buttermilk sauce, both super delicious.


So check out Simmzy’s – with your own Ladies Who Dine, for lunch, for Happy Hour. Just be sure to feed that Belmont Shore meter so you don’t get a ticket.


5271 E. Second St.
Long Beach, in addition to Seal Beach and Manhattan Beach locations

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