Run LB Health :: Getting Faster

Run LB Health :: Getting Faster

So I just had my fastest run yet, finally getting my per-mile pace under 9:00 while completing 4 miles. Before today, my best +4 mile run was 9:20, and it took a few months to get there – when I first began running back in November, my average was about 11:00. By running consistently, I’ve gotten my time down, hovering around 9:40-10:00 for 3-4 mile runs.

My fastest four
My fastest four

While our Marathon Team runs have been short so far, they’ve been fast! I think they’ve helped me push a little bit more as I try to keep up with our front runners (John, Po, and Kelly). Just goes to show you that taking on challenges with others is beneficial. Can’t wait to push it more with everyone!

Let’s get this party started!

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