Eating Portland :: Day One

Eating Portland :: Day One

The title of this post is literal.

I am in Portland with the sole purpose of eating. It’s not the only reason I’ve flown a couple hours north from Southern California: while I’ve visited/driven through many of the states, I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest; Portland is the home of Powell’s, the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world; I’m thrilled for an opportunity to rack up Jet Blue points, especially when I can fly out of Long Beach; and I’m a sometimes wannabe hipster. But, goal number one for my quick trip is to please my belly.

Getting the party started at LGB

My co-eaters and I arrived late after a long day of work and mommy duties (I still had to shuttle my youngest to dance class before heading to the airport – I should probably check to see if someone picked her up).

Just say yes to public transportation

After a smooth landing at PDX and a cheap ($2.50) ride downtown to our hotel, the pickings were slim for a late night feast. We opted for Huber’s Cafe, which bills itself as Portland’s oldest restaurant. From their late night happy hour menu, we ordered calamari, bay shrimp, nachos, seared ahi, and spinach-artichoke dip.

I like a restaurant with rules
Black bean nachos
Seared ahi
Bay shrimp

But visitors and locals alike know of Huber’s Iced Spanish Coffee, a $10 concoction of Kahlua, Bacardi 151, triple sec, and coffee that is set ablaze right at your table.

Play with fire, you get tipsy

It was just the kind of show I was looking for to launch my PDX adventure. So far, I’m Drinking Portland more than eating it.

Coffee done right

But that’s quite alright – I’ve got two more days, a few pairs of stretchy pants, and a suitcase full of aluminum foil and Tupperware.

Look out, Portland. Dianderthal is here.

Huber’s Cafe
411 SW 3rd
Portland, OR

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