Cocktail Tuesday :: Cuban Sidecar

Cocktail Tuesday :: Cuban Sidecar

I have to say this right now – the Cuban Sidecar is my favoritist (I made it up) Tuesday Cocktail I’ve made so far!

Yes, there haven’t been too many of these posts to date and yes, there have been failures. But this drink… THIS drink is restaurant-worthy. It’s bomb-diggity [Def: adj. used by older women to express extreme satisfaction with something]. It’s wonderful. It’s sublime.

And it’s gone.

But let me show you what I did.

Not too many ingredients
Not too many ingredients

In a shaker, I mixed up equal parts rum, Cointreau, and lime juice. Next, I added ice.

After shaking (like a Polaroid picture [Ref.: original: Polaroid manufactured instant cameras and self-developing film; in the ’80s, I very much loved my Polaroid camera || Later: saying made popular in the early 2000s by the musical duo Outkast in their hit Hey Ya!]), I strained into a chilled glass, and…

Wah-lah! Cuban Sidecar
Wah-lah! Cuban Sidecar


As simple as it was, I didn’t think I would like it. But it proved refreshing and exhilarating. I will be making many a Cuban Sidecar in my near future (though for March, I’m embarking on an “ab” challenge, which means I really need to cut back on the spirits).



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