Cocktail Tuesday :: Strawberry No-nito

Cocktail Tuesday :: Strawberry No-nito

It’s my favorite day of the week – Cocktail Tuesday. And this week, I didn’t want to dig out a recipe from a book. I wanted to keep it OD (Original Domesticate), scraping together a concoction with the ingredients found in my cupboards and fridge. That is how great things happen, correct?


Just say no
Just say no

I call this a Strawberry No-nito because it is Nothing like a mojito and if someone ever asks you if you want one, you should scream out NO!!

I still drank all of mine. I mean, it had rum in it so how bad could it be?

Perhaps on an upcoming Tuesday, I’ll tweak things here and there. This combination of strawberries, simple syrup, basil, rum, Ginger Ale, and ice might be improved upon?

Okay, yes – swap out the basil for mint leaves and you’ve got yourself a perfectly delicious Strawberry Mojito, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to create something new. However, a lesson was learned here: For Cocktail Tuesdays, I will stick to my bartending books, Pinterest posts, and magazine articles for recipes.

As always, cheers!

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