Running :: Surf City Half Marathon

Running :: Surf City Half Marathon

I signed up for the Huntington Beach Surf City Half Marathon back in November, telling myself that I could fast-walk a mile in about 15 minutes; meaning that I could finish a half marathon in a little over three hours and 15 minutes. I convinced three of my co-workers that they could do the same.

Pre-Race Thoughts: Why the f&@$ did I pay money for this $%!*?

And then a funny thing happened: we started TRAINING for the race, running 4-6 times a week, encouraging each other, texting our times to the group. On Mondays, we’d come in to work and compare our long runs, laugh about what we saw as we ran, discuss shoes and gear and techniques.

We became RUNNERS.

I actually ran the whole way, although very slowly
I actually ran the whole way, although very slowly

And I’m happy to say that we’ll be doing it again at least two more times this year in pursuit of the weighty Beach Cities Challenge medal, presented to those who complete the Surf City, OC, and Long Beach half or full marathons consecutively.

The racers and our fans
The racers and our fans
In shock
In shock

A big thank you to my (freakin’ fast) friend Lisa, who first encouraged me to sign up for the race, and supported me throughout my training. Congratulations to my running peeps William, Kristina, and Sarady – you guys are amazing. And a shout out to our entourage – Sandy, Lilly, Eddie, Ivonne, Chanel, Kourtney, and Uncle Paul, the best cheering section and post-run meal companions a girl could ever ask for.

Post-Race Vittles
Post-Race Vittles at Saddle Ranch in Newport Beach

Up Next:
The Super Bowl.
Then, Orange County Marathon

[Number of times I first typed out marathong and then had to delete the g: 6]

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