Cocktail Tuesday :: Champagne Cocktail

Cocktail Tuesday :: Champagne Cocktail

Of the five wonderful days of work, Tuesdays are the least scheduled in my household. Tuesdays are the only days when I don’t have to shuttle a kid to volleyball practice or dance class or a band concert. Tuesday nights are my evenings off. This truth makes Tuesdays the best weeknight of the week.

This being the final Tuesday in 2013, I’ve decided to launch Cocktail Tuesdays, where I’ll try a new concoction on select Tuesdays with a toast to someone important in my life.

Since it’s a night it’s a night for toasting, this first (of my blog)/last (of the year) drink goes out to my mom, Deloris H. She’s fighting a tough battle right now, which is why this evening’s fizzy flute is for her – a classic champagne cocktail. Like my mom, it’s simple, sweet, effervescent, and keeps you smiling.

A simple way to bring in the new year
A simple way to bring in the new year

A sugar cube (or two), a few dashes of bitters, and chilled champagne. Add a squeeze of lemon and top with a bit of peel, and you’re ready to ring in the new year. Cheers!

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