Burger Quest :: Islands

Burger Quest :: Islands

It’s a chain.

I’ll just say that right now. Not that I’m opposed to chains. The other Burger Quest restaurants I’ve reviewed thus far are chains.

But Islands is a pretty big chain. A chain of casual sit-down American restaurants. Not too unlike Dennys.

However, Islands is one of my favorite casual chain restaurants with one of my favorite burgers: the California Flyer.

Technically, the CA Flyer was not conceived as a burger at all, but as a chicken sandwich. Islands, though, allows you to swap chicken, turkey, veggie, beef patties as you like. So after first trying the CA Flyer with chicken and later with a veggie patty (when I was going through THAT phase), I eventually tried it as a turkey burger.



Once, a waitress pointed out to me the Mavericks burger, similar to the CA Flyer but actually ON the menu [doesn’t it seem like every time something becomes your FAVORITE, the restaurant decides to take that item off the menu? This happened to the CA Flyer for a time (although now it looks like it’s officially back, according to the website). They also did this with the chicken sandwich that adored many years ago – the Pelican – but they still let me order it; makes me feel special when I order it, like I’m in a secret club, members who’ve been going to Islands for so long that they’re aware of ancient (and I suppose unpopular), secret menu items]. Boy, was SHE mistaken. While the two sandwiches appear to be nearly the same, Mavericks comes with American cheese rather than the Flyer’s pepper Jack.

Pepper Jack, lady.

Well, now I know better. And with my latest visit to Islands (another birthday outing – I’ve gained ten pounds this week), the California Flyer official joins the Burger Quest. So far, it’s a winner. And as amazing and juicy and textured and tangy and wonderful it is, I hope that my quest will lead me to a burger that’s even better.



Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks
Several locations, including
7531 Carson Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90808

Official Dianderthal Burger Quest Burger List:
1. Island’s California Flyer turkey burger (BBQ sauce, “Island Reds” – fried onion straws, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo)
2. The Counter (Build Your Own – turkey patty, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, chipotle aioli, ketchup)
3. Burger City Grill (The BCG, turkey patty, pickles, grilled onions)

Fry Factor
1. Island’s fries with ranch dressing*
2. The Counter 50-50 Fries (half regular, half sweet Ps)
3. Burger City Grill fries

[*Just had to add that, back in the day, I used to dip my Islands fries in their rich, sweet, zesty, thick, super-caloric honey mustard dressing – of course, they removed it from the menu; and they don’t make it any more at all, even if you ask really nicely]

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