Tasty Places :: Shaky Alibi

Tasty Places :: Shaky Alibi

I wasn’t quite in the neighborhood, but Silverlake was a close enough excuse to stop by a place I’ve been wanting to visit the last few months. Yes, I do get slightly obsessed about food – usually a burger or pizza or enchiladas or the like. Savory things. Fried things covered with cheese or sauce. But ever since I heard about the waffles at Shaky Alibi, it’s been hard to think about much else (that is, when I’m not thinking about burgers or pizza or cheese or chips and salsa or lots of other things, so what I said was not actually true – more like, I’ve been thinking of these waffles just as much as I’ve thought about many other foods!).

The Place
The Place

Shaky Alibi labels itself as a “Coffee Bar and Wafflerie” offering Liege Waffles, ones that do not need butter or syrup (what!?!).

My View
A bar stool with a view

Being a plain kind of girl, I passed on their many varieties of “embellished” waffles, both sweet and savory, opting for a traditional waffle coated with Belgium pearl sugar and dusted with powdered sugar (although I did ask for hazelnut spread on the side).

Traditional Liege Waffle with Hazelnut Chocolate on the side
Traditional Liege Waffle with Hazelnut Chocolate on the side



I’m still kind of getting over it. It was warm and fluffy inside, the outside having a crunchy bite to it. Just sweet enough, the batter rich and robust.

And fresh. The waitress made it right there in front of me while I sat at the bar. It was phenomenal. I will surely return.

And as a bonus, Milk was right down the street, though I passed on my regular red velvet ice cream sandwich because I was so content (and then some) with my waffle experience.

Milk on Beverly

Yes, quite the experience. I was kind of in a hurry to leave because it was a school night and I was with the kiddo, who had to get back home to do homework with an hour plus of traffic ahead of me (yes, my food outings take precedence); but if I had more time, I would have relaxed a bit more, enjoying a cup of coffee and the atmosphere – cute little place where I wouldn’t mind posting up with my laptop to write.

Plugged in - great for conversation
Plugged in – great for conversation

So I will not need a shaky alibi to make myself seen again at Shaky Alibi. If you’re willing to pick me up from the LBC for waffles, hit me up!

The Counter
The Counter

Shaky Alibi
7401 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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