Tasty Places :: Pieology

Tasty Places :: Pieology

The line was backed up. Service was slow. The employees behind the build-your-own pizza bar didn’t quite seem to get the whole assembly line thing. The one putting the pizzas in the oven actually yelled at her co-worker. I almost left before reaching the counter.

I didn’t want to like Pieology.

When making my pie, the lady was stingy with the sauce. The guy who topped it with basil didn’t spread it around liberally – he dropped a clump here, another there. The girl who scribbled down the pizza orders at the end of the line tried to give my pie to someone else. Service was a hot mess.

I didn’t want to like Pieology. Then, I tasted my pie. I’m sure you can figure out how this story ends.

Quite wonderfully. Quite solidly. Quite deliciously. Oh, well. Maybe a different crew will be on the next time I go (possibly tomorrow).


Pieology – Lakewood
5027 Lakewood Blvd.
Lakewood, CA 90712

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