Tasty Places :: Berlin Bistro

Tasty Places :: Berlin Bistro

It might be a habit now since I’ve gone twice in the last three days. But Long Beach East Village’s Berlin Bistro easily got to me. For months, I’ve been wanting to try this spot on a purely superficial basis – it was cute. Glass and wood and retro fluorescent lights. Then, I checked out the menu and was even more intrigued, deciding I had to get over there – for their coffee, for their sangria, for their reasonably priced lunches, for their $20 brunch selections with endless mimosa.
So I did it. I went there to eat – alone. Was off of work but needing to go downtown to pick up my kid and my mom from Denny’s (yes – Denny’s; that’s where the Amtrak “bus” drops off riders in Long Beach, and my mommy will ONLY do Amtrak). So I figured, why not? Even by myself, because I wanted the experience so badly.

A Succulent View of the Coffee Bar
Caprese Sandwich and Pomme Frites

Though crunched for time, I was thoroughly impressed with it all. The food, the ambience, the service, and the staff’s ability to help me forget how not hip I was. I was definitely left wanting a Cheers moment, hoping to be called out by name the next time I visited.

Which would be two days later. However, those working on my second visit included a brand new cast. Still friendly, however. This time, I didn’t eat solo, my street food dog Kristina literally eating on the street, Berlin having its own “parklet” patio, taking up the equivalent of two parking spaces in front of the restaurant.

Me, parked

The only downside to my Berlin experiences was that the second time around, I chose the sunny spot and got a little heated. Still, the food, the street, the slight adrenaline rush at the risk of being sideswiped by a Long Beach garbage truck – it was all good. All great, really – their fries especially. I’ll return one weekend for brunch, and one evening for sangria. And again and again and again until finally those people know my name and scream it out as soon as I walk in the door.

Kristina’s Burger
Bistro’s version of fish & chips
The most AMAZING garlic fries on the continent
The most AMAZING garlic fries on the continent
Margherita flatbread
Margherita flatbread

Berlin Bistro
420 E. 4th Street (at Elm)
Long Beach. CA 90802

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