LWW: Ladies Who Wine Launch || Hudson House, Redondo Beach

LWW: Ladies Who Wine Launch || Hudson House, Redondo Beach

February marked the launch of our LWD restaurant club spinoff: Ladies Who Wine. Unlike LWD, there is no membership. There is no president. We don’t take attendance and anyone who wants to join us can. What we do care about with LWW is booze! Not just drinking it, but appreciating it. Savoring it and studying it. And if course, we’ll be sure to designate a driver (and feed HEr well).

Each outing, someone will present (very informally) on a topic of her choice related to wine, beer, and liquor. SHe can be broad or dive into the minutiae of her chosen subject. For February, wanting to visit the place of one of our favorites from this season’s Top Chef, we headed to Hudson House in Redondo Beach. Julio was our instructor. SHe (because everyone who attends LWW is a she for the night) discussed beer – the differences between lagers and ales.

The one flaw in our wonderful new group is that, after all the sipping, it might prove difficult to remember all the new information learned during the presentation. Therefore, the only thing I recall from Julio’s lesson is: ale=dark, lager=light. Or something like that. Doesn’t matter – what’s most important is that I do remember enjoying myself and my company.

Can’t wait to learn (and forget) more next month with the Ladies!









Hudson House
514 N. Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA

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