Poet, Didn’t Know It :: The People at My Job

Poet, Didn’t Know It :: The People at My Job

The dark shades at all times lady.
The always pregnant lady.
The trite greeting in the morning lady (“Another day, another dollar!”).
The grumbling stomach man who sits by me at meetings.
The mustache mumbler.
The holidays threw up in her cubicle lady.
The fish dinner leftovers for lunch lady.
The baller car, low wages guy.
The impeccably pedicured foul-breathed girl.
The kid.
The Google wiz.
The pleasant bigot.
The shopper.
Lady two-face.
The man with the peculiar sneeze.
The woman who won’t acknowledge anyone on the elevator.
The human calculator.
The last bagel taker.
The million words on a PowerPoint slide guy.
The staff meeting star.
The lingerer.
The trash lady who hates trash.
The exercise ball for a chair lady.
The tooth brusher.
The real boss.
The stare at your breasts while he talks of his wife dude.
The woman who shooshed me that one time.
The woman who can’t eat anything.
The break dancer.
The word swallower.

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