Tasty Places :: Michael’s Pizzeria, Naples

Tasty Places :: Michael’s Pizzeria, Naples

I know it’s called Naples, but never did I expect to find authentic Italian pizza there, just a 10 minute drive from work. At least I’m told it’s authentic since the closest I’ve gotten to Italy is Mulberry & Grand in Lower Manhattan. Whatever the case, it was magical, just the experience I was craving after weeks of Lean Cuisines, fast food, and leftovers.


It was all going stunningly well, my Pizza Margherita drizzled with oil, oozing with rich mozzarella and zesty basil, when my dining companions said yes to the Affogato.

What’s Affogato? I’d heard of it before, but didn’t know what it was; learned today that the word means “drowned.” Michael’s version is made with two scoops of house-made hazelnut gelato topped with a piping hot shot of espresso. It blew my mind, this dessert. Plus, there was the bonus of my afternoon buzz – kept me working hard the rest of the day. Well, all I have to say is brava, Michael’s Pizzeria. Brava, and I’ll be seeing you again very soon. Happy new year to you and the family! Only the best for 2013!


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