Tasty Places :: Farrell’s Ice Cream

Tasty Places :: Farrell’s Ice Cream

It was just for a birthday party. An 11-year-old’s birthday party – my reason for hopping on the freeway to Brea, a city I’d only heard of before, legends about its fantastical mall. There was a wait, yes. We were a party of a dozen so that was to be expected. But apart from us, there was a line outside, people waiting patiently alongside the window, behaving themselves within the constraints of the retractable bands. For ice cream? I wondered to myself. How good could this place be?

What a sight!

Once I stepped through the door, it was like walking into 1977, when I enjoyed my 5th birthday at a shined up little ice cream parlour at the Weberstown Mall (that’s in Stockton, if you don’t know). I love getting that warm, nostalgic feeling, especially when not expecting it. All I’d planned for was the rote version of “Happy Birthday” and a conventional restaurant plate. Instead, I got over-the-top desserts, clever takes on the birthday song, tasty entrees, and, of course, ICE CREAM!

Slugger Hangerbers (Junior Menu)
The crew at work
On deck, creamy deliciousness
Chili Cheese Frank
Fabulous French Dip
Bruschetta Pizza
Chopped Cobb
Farrell’s Classic Sundae

Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour
Several Southern California Locations

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