Tasty Places :: Grom

Tasty Places :: Grom

For once, my husband showed me something new in food that I hadn’t heard about, hadn’t tried. Up in Malibu (the hub used to work at a juvenile camp there – did you know there were detention camps in Malibu?) to watch USD take on the Pepperdine Waves, he pulled into a shopping center and asked if I wanted to “try this ice cream.” OF COURSE I wanted to try “this ice cream.”

Grom Malibu

Technically, it was gelato, but who cares. I don’t know the difference anyway. Most important was that it was pretty darn good stuff. Though coming in at six bucks for a pretty small cup (called a medium), my selection was quite incredible. The flavor, Crema di Grom, had an egg cream base mixed with corn biscuits (think European, not deep South) and Columbian “Teyuna” chocolate chips. Aside from Malibu and New York, their stores are scattered abroad, the bulk of them in Italy. Definitely worth the trip. To Malibu or Italy, especially to try some of their other flavors, such as Nocciola (filled with hazelnuts), Tiramisu, and the standard Vaniglia (my favorite – boring old vanilla).

Crema di Grom

Who’s down for a trip up PCH?

Grom | Il Gelato Come Una Volta
3886 Cross Creek Road
Malibu, CA 90265

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