Middle of Nowhere Next Weekend

Middle of Nowhere Next Weekend

I’m usually not the plugging type. I’d never make it as a salesperson. But today, I’m not asking any of you (the 4, 5, maybe 6 of you!) to buy anything.

Okay, perhaps I am. A movie ticket. And if you really think about it, a movie is a treat. An easy, affordable getaway, where you’re asked to turn off your cell phone and focus on someone else’s drama. So this ticket I want you to buy is an investment, really.

What I’m plugging today is my dear friend’s movie, out in theaters a week from today. It’s called Middle of Nowhere, the sophomore feature from writer/director Ava DuVernay. Nowhere follows a young woman, Ruby (stunningly portrayed by newcomer Emayatzy Corinealdi), who sets aside her life in wait of her imprisoned husband. About a year ago at my nephew’s birthday party, the “grown folks” had taken over the living room when this topic came up. Someone asked how long we would wait for a spouse, a loved one who got locked up. And there was quite the range in answers – “I’d be out immediately” – “Depends what he did” – “I’d wait however long it took.”

A year after this discussion, I honestly still don’t know how I’d handle such a situation. But Nowhere offers a glimpse into one woman’s struggle, pulled between two worlds – one built on hopes, possibilities, and the other that’s simple reality. This gem of a film won the Best Director Award at this year’s Sundance, a first for an African-American woman. If you’re a fan of film (and who isn’t?), I hope you’ll be able to escape next weekend and beyond to catch my friend’s film. You’ll be glad I sold you on it. Visit the Middle of Nowhere site for showtimes and locations.

Also, don’t miss Ava’s first feature, I Will Follow tonight on BET.

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