La Palma

La Palma

Yes, I was dubious when my high school BFFs pointed out La Palma on Stockton’s inaptly named Miracle Mile for our Sunday lunch (I back home visiting my parents). I’m from LA, okay? More accurately, the LBC – even closer to Mexico. Can’t no one match my most beloved Mexican restaurant, Los Compadres. So yes, I have an attitude when I find myself someplace other than good ol’ LC. Or Loteria or Border Grill or the taqueria on 4th.

A True Miracle on the Miracle Mile

Then I tried the chips and salsa at La Palma – in the heart of the Central Valley – and was happy happy. Crisp, not too greasy, a goldeny burst of corn, pronounced by the tangy zesty salsa. And it kept getting better, with their version of a skinny margarita (I had two), and my green shrimp enchilada plate, and the fact that my green shrimp enchilada plate was only $10, and one of my BFFs sharing her explicit text messages, and… oh, well I guess that’s it for the food.


But I must say I truly enjoyed myself. I was in a margarita haze – my favorite kind of haze to be in – and I wish it could have lasted longer. With yummy food, dear friends, and the great service at La Palma, I’ll surely return the next time I’m in Stockton.

La Palma Mexican Cuisine
2301 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95204

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