Fancy Mex


So I heard about Diego’s this past weekend while watching Chopped. One of the chefs was from Diego’s at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Great timing, as the MGM Grand is what I’ve called home these last few days. I wasn’t going to try the place because no fancy pants Mexican spot can mess with my favorite place in the world, Los Compadres. But the hub wanted to try it out. And I’m not one to turn down a dinner date – especially if chips and salsa are expected. I entered a skeptic, a hater – ready to tell everyone on Yelp! to take their dollars to Taco Bell or Baja Fresh.

The chips came served with three salsas: a green, a roasted tomato, and a pico. The green was cool. The roasted was okay. And then I tried the pico. The pico! It was beyond delicioso. In addition to the salsas, there was also a trio of flavored salts that kicked everything up a story or two.

Less pessimistic.

So I ordered the chicken enchiladas Suizas just for fun since I knew they couldn’t touch Los Compadres. Well, I’m guessing you have figured out by now how this story ends. Stupendously. Ridiculously well. Phenomenally. Better than LC’s? That, I won’t say. But I’m not going to write off fancy mex so quickly anymore. Especially if someone else is treating.

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