Not My First Blog

Not My First Blog

You guys know me. I’ve done this before. There was Buena Beach. There was the Ladies Who Dine blog. I never posted to Dearest Kelsey, but I talked a lot about what I would post someday. And here I am again with the blog thing. Please don’t judge. This is just me. I’m an ingenious starter. I have so much gusto at the beginning of things until, whoops — the family’s hungry, gotta make dinner. Or, oh no, gotta get Kourt to dance/volleyball/dentist/In-N-Out. And then there’s stupid Bravo with its damn Top Chef or Real Housewives of Wyoming (I would likely watch that if there were such a thing), and that’s when Diane becomes too busy to write.

But, what??? Vacation! That’s right, haters. I’m on vacation. As of 4:01 pm last night. So from now until at least July 17th (when the crammed life craziness begins anew), you’re going to hear from me. I’m keeping my expectations low in order to avoid failure. And even if I do fail to post a single additional item after today, at least I’ve already owned up to my ailment.

Peace, suckas!

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